Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Born To Track

Training owners to go tracking can be a very tedious and frustrating exercise. They are supposed to know instinctively what to do, but very few of them understand they need to learn how to do things properly. They even dress me up to look like a reindeer just so they can remember what one looks like.

At the age of 5 weeks I knew I was born to track, but I am still unsure what my owner was born to do. It has taken up to now for my owner to understand that if I am to use my talent effectively, he needs to go back to school to learn.

Well better late than never I suppose!

I do my best to humour him so he keeps a positive attitude, but it is really trying at times. It seems that at long last he now understands that all he has to do is hang onto the rope and follow me around the course. In the very likely event he gets lost, I will come and find him so what is there for him to worry about. I can also use my special eye-sight to find him under water when he trips and falls into tarns and lakes.

You would think that would be easy enough to grasp, but oh no, why do things easy way when you can do them the hard way.

I have eaten more sausages and goodies fit to burst just to please him. All totally unnecessary when I can sniff my way around the course with my eyes shut and two paws tied behind my back. And now guess what, he complains that I am putting on too much weight.

Tell me, how is it possible that humans are the superior animal in the animal kingdom, or is that just marketing hype?

I wag my tail trying to tell him he has been a good boy, and next time with a bit more training he may be able to win a prize, but I am not too sure he fully understands.

Is it just my owner, or do the rest of you have similar problems?


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