Monday, 22 October 2012

From Rags To Riches

Today I sniffed my way to glory, surprising not only my owner but also myself. 

The weather forecast was bright and sunny, but it turned out to be a  damp miserable day. We arrived early so that I could do the necessary things we dogs need to do and settle down into a tracking frame of mind. When the judge arrived, small talk was kept to a minimum and we were off to the start. Today I was in a good mood, so I sniffed the start the way my owner always hoped I would but never quite managed to achieve. The conditions were wet under paws so it made things a little bit tricky and many wild animals had been around recently. Naturally I had to have some fun, so I went and sniffed the animal tracks. Earlier my owner would have blown a fuse when I did that, but today he just waited, and waited and waited  until it was not funny anymore. I decided to try to get his blood pressure up by winding myself around a tree. Once again totally out of characture, my owner calmly undid the tangle and told me to find the track. Boy was I annoyed that all my usual tricks came to nothing, so what could I do but go straight to the end of the track. 

I could not believe my ears, all my tricks and winding myself around trees actually worked in my favour. When the judge announced the result, you could have heard a pin drop, and in a Norwegian forest that is pretty dammed quite. First prize with prize of honur, even I had to sit down for several minutes to let it sink in. My owner was speechless, and that is saying something.

So from a very bad start at the begining of the season with three zeros in a row, it ended expetionally well with three first prizes in a row, the last one with honour. This exceeded even my own expectations, and I am not known for my modesty.


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