Monday, 15 October 2012

What A Day

Oh boy what a day Sunday turned out to be for me.

I knew something was going on because on Wednesday my owner laid down a blood track for me to try. Can you imagine the arrogance of these humans`; it is my owner who needs the practice not me. If there was any doubt left, it was confirmed during Saturday afternoon that I was going on a tracking test because all the gear was being assembled ready to load into the car on Sunday morning. I got a good night sleep, although I am not so sure about my owner, although I must admit a few slurps of wine out of his glass when he was not looking helped very much.

Well what a surprise it was for me to meet my mother and Collin again. How they managed to keep that secret from me still amazes me, but then they are human. We did not get much time to say hello and do all the things us dogs need to do when greeting each other, when it was time for the first trial.

Collin was first away to blaze the trail. Can you believe how rude these humans can be, because Collin was put straight into the car on his return without us having the opportunity for a dog chat before it was announced that it was my turn. As usual I was ready, just like an F-16 jet ready for take-off. I kept to the track the way I have been taught, but well you have to have a little bit of fun, so I made a small detour just to tease my owner. Unfortunately he is beginning to recognise my little antics, so it is not so easy to fool him. The judge was so nice I decided to go straight to the end to please her, after all us girls have to stick together.

My owner told my breeder that I had failed to complete the track with the inevitable zero result, but the judge put things right when she told them the actual result.

It was then time for my mother to show how it should be done. Clearly from the smile on my breeders face when they returned that all went well.

Seemingly I have to have another test in approximately one week because my owner and my breeder are keen that I get another first place this year before the weather gets too bad for tracking. I do not mind because it means another day out doing what I like to do – but do not tell my owner I said so.  


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