Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Simply The Best

Stange JFF, Temmen - 26.05.2013

The day started well with bright sunshine from early morning. I even managed not to get car sick and arrived at Temmen bright eyed and bushy tailed. I sent my owner off to register and draw the judge and track number. Can you believe it, of all the numbers to choose he had to go and pick track 13. The track number did not matter to me because I was ready to sniff my way to the stars.

Four Kennel Kahill Dogs At The Competition
Makenna, Mocca, Thea & Colin
Photo: Anette Thune

It was not long before we were told to follow the judge to the start. The road was not too good so we had to drive slowly which was just as well because I normally throw up on twisty roads with lots of bends. 

As usual I had to pull my owner to the start. I took one sniff at the blood and I was off. I tried to get my owner annoyed by dashing off into the bushes for a pee and a pooh, but nobody seemed to care. A bit further along the track I smelt water and decided to go for a paddle in the stream. I heard my owner tell the judge that I was not off the track but just cooling down. The judge said clever dog, when you track an animal for 2 or 3 hours on a hot day the dog needs to be able to cool down. 

 The Best Five English Springer Spaniels
Photo: Bjørn Hvidsten Jensen 

I could not believe my ears; I was being told I was good, so I decided to show them how good I can be when I put my mind to the task. Only a wounded animal could have laid this track because we went everywhere, through scrub and trees, up and down hills, across streams and a swamp. At the swamp we had to make a detour because the swamp was too deep and dangerous to cross, so we had to go around the danger area.

The judge said we would be helped to the start of the track on the other side of the swamp, but I had other ideas. I decided I would take the judge to the start and once there, lead them all to the end of the track. 

 The Best Three Dogs At The Competition
 Photo: Bjørn Hvidsten Jensen
Best dog Ian Farquhar with Kahill´s Simply The Best - 1st Prize + HP
2nd best dog Bjørn Johnsen wirh Westaway Luck of The Draw - 1st Prze
3rd best dog Ellen Getz Wold with BH.NUCh.Kahill`s Black Nightshade - 1st Prize

Clearly the judge was impressed with me because she said that because I was on the track all the way, there was no need for the track-layer. She also asked my owner how he thought we had done, but as usual he was totally clueless.

Because we were amongst the first to track we had a long wait for the others to finish and for all the paperwork to be completed. When my result was read out, my owner and I were totally stunned into disbelief. First prize with honour and best dog at the competition. It was such an unexpected result that we were totally speechless.

My Owner & I With Judge Anita Løvlien 
Photo: Ellen Getz Wold

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