Sunday, 16 August 2015

Makenna And The Heron

On the way home from the NM we stopped at Lom to buy bread and some goodies for lunch. Suitably stocked up we set off again to look for a place to eat and exercise Makenna. After pulling off the road by some water Jorunn spotted in the distance what she thought was a duck, but as it swam closer we were graced with the presence of a heron. Makenna stood perfectly still just watching the heron who showed no signs of concern, however once we pointed the camera the heron moved off to safety out of camera range. The plumage was dark with an orange-yellow beak on the side/underside. Could this have been a blue or purple heron? The beautiful scenery to, from and at the NM and the guest appearance by the heron helped to make up for our poor performance at the NM.

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